Independent game development

What we do

Production Support

We support developers throughout the entire production process, from pre-production and development to post and certification. We offer a variety of different levels of services; from consultation meetings through to schedule, budget, organisational and full production management support. We help define your projects work structure, deliverables and tasks and work closely with you and your team to ensure milestones are hit and production methodology is adhered to through clear team communication.

creative support

We specialise in providing creative direction consultation, aiding developers in creating thematic cohesion across all discipline areas of their games development. We work closely with the developer to ensure that the experience they have in their minds matches that which is being developed. We draw upon our network of high-end indie developers to provide feedback and consultation to help you achieve your vision. 

Outsourcing support

Our network of freelancers and contractors may just be what your project needs to get it to the next level. We work internationally with some of the most talented developers in the games industry and can help your team reach out and utilise their experience to help your productions quality. We help curate the right contractors for the right job to ensure that you are gaining the correct experience for your projects needs.


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