Independent game development


Advect is an independent game and production studio that focuses on the creation of play experiences that are driven by human stories and cinematic visuals. Founded by Creative Director, Benni Hill [Ether One, Duskers, Q.U.B.E. 2], and Managing Director, Dan Da Rocha [Q.U.B.E., Hue, Q.U.B.E. 2], our vision is to build a world-class team of creative individuals who lust after new story-driven game experiences.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to explore moral predicaments through games that push genre and story conventions, whilst delivering high-quality visual play experiences.

We believe that games speak to their audiences in ways that other mediums cannot and we believe that by deconstructing convention and rethinking how we approach our craft that we can build worlds that foster imagination, explore ethical ideology and speak of the beauty and horrors of human nature.

We believe remaining independent and fostering a creator culture in our studio will help us achieve this, whilst bringing games closer to being an accepted expressive art medium.

We believe the way we approach making games, as well as the subjects we choose to explore, are the foundation for creating more profound pieces of work that are both revolutionary as they are engaging.